How to get clients when you’re starting.

Clients are essential for a business, they are those who feed the funds and make things happen. We’re pretty blessed that we have a huge network from Family, to old friends and new friends from our years in Roller Derby. We’ve talked about Nancy before, but she is a rock for our business and brings us both her business and other customers.

We have some other folks that brought business, Mr. Farley has not only bought mugs for a family reunion that was postponed due to C19. He brought some of his family members to us for websites and other promotional products. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and his loved ones.

With Lisa’s & Ricks Military family, we’ve been able to produce a bit for some of them.  From Koozies to Shirts we’ve designed it all for them. I don’t want to forget to talk about our families, my family has ordered shirts from DeBella DeBall Designs, my Dad being the biggest supporter on that front. We’ve made a Veteran Shirt for him AND some special shirts for his friends.

So, in the beginning, don’t hesitate to look at your existing network. They will help you, guide you and be some of your biggest fans/clients. As you grow, you need to recognize them and celebrate them for helping you and your business live up to your heart’s content.

Our goal is to make your business have the largest platform for growth. We will have a YouTube Channel and TikTok up soon, follow us on our journey, we’re balls deep in crafting custom solutions. We enjoy a challenge…