Why You Need A Lead Magnet to Get People Lined Up For Your Free Offer

Oh Boy, time to get into Lead Magnets. Nowadays, it’s getting harder than ever to get people to pay attention to you. But if you can figure out how to capture their attention and give them something valuable in return, you’ve got them on the hook. The problem is that so many marketers are trying to do this simultaneously that it’s become a crowded market. You need some kind of hook – some kind of something – that will make your offer stand out. Stand out from all of the other offers out there right now if you want anyone to notice it at all. That is where lead magnets come into play.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of content you give away in exchange for contact information. People who receive your lead magnet will sign up for your mailing list and receive additional offers from you over time.

Lead magnets can come in many forms, including:

  • eBooks (PDFs or DOC files)
  • Videos (MP4 videos)
  • PDF templates or fill-in-the-blank templates

Why Use A Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets are a popular way to get people to opt in to your email list and build trust. They can also offer an initial introduction and introduction to what you offer.

To be clear, there are two types of lead magnets. The first is something that provides value in exchange for contact information (like an eBook).  The second is a tool that helps you collect leads before delivering value.

Where to Use Them?

Like all good things, lead magnets can be used in numerous ways. There is the obvious: your blog posts. Who wouldn’t want to if you have a lead magnet for the reader to download?

They can also be used in email marketing campaigns. If you send out an email with a link to a free report or e-book related to your business and that report/e-book is only offered as a lead magnet (and not part of the regular content), then it will help convert readers into leads.

Lead magnets are great on social media too! Share videos or other interesting pieces of information that relate directly back to what you do – this way people will be more likely to share them which helps spread the news about your business while also getting people interested in what they do and hopefully converting some leads along the way!

What is a lead magnet?

If someone visits your website and signs up for an opt-in list, they get added immediately to get access when new content goes live (or wherever else). You could even include links within these emails that point back up towards different sections within any given page.  This helps ensure that visitors don’t leave immediately after checking out one thing.  This might happen otherwise.

How to Make One?

Lead magnets are the key to engaging your audience. They are a way of converting them into leads. They get people interested in you, the products, or services you offer. Lead magnets help build trust between you and your prospect.

Lead magnets can come in many shapes and sizes.  But there are a few things that should always remain consistent:

  • Content must be relevant to what you’re selling. Example; if you’re selling weight loss supplements, don’t create an eBook about how to use Instagram for business.
  • The content should be high-quality.  Proofread so no typos and easy-to-read formatting.
  • The content must solve at least one problem for your audience. This will make them more likely to take action on it.
Plan on the right lead magnet

Best Practices for Creating a Lead Magnet.

There are dozens of ways to do this, but we’ve found that the simplest way is to use a free tool like Canva. Just make sure your lead magnet is visually appealing and easy to digest. You only have a few seconds to grab your prospect’s attention—so don’t waste time on anything else!

It is also important to keep it short and sweet (one page should be ideal). An eye-catching headline that directly addresses their pain point(s). Finally, ensure the lead magnet is relevant to what they’ll receive in return for giving you their contact information at the end. Otherwise, they won’t even bother reading it!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Lead Magnet.

Remember, a lead magnet is the foundation of your free offer. It’s important that you make it as good as possible. The following tips will help you do just that:

  • Make sure there is a call to action. This means asking people to take action. Whether that is signing up for an email list or downloading another piece of content.  Maybe it is to watch a video (more on this later).
  • Use a good headline that describes what they’re getting and how it will solve their problem. For example; “How To Get 10k Visitors A Month On Facebook Ads Without Spending Any Money!” See how this headline captures the reader’s attention. It shows them exactly what they stand to gain from reading the article.  It also tells them exactly what they need to do next – sign up for my email list!
  • Make sure it is relevant to your target audience by using keywords.  Keywords are use when searching online and understanding their pain points and goals. (i.e., problems which can be solved with your product or service). You can try using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest which helps you find new keyword ideas based on Google search trends over time across specific geographic regions if needed too!


The takeaway here is that lead magnets are an easy way to get your audience on email lists. So, this means they’re also a great way to build your list and get people interested in what you offer.

You can use lead magnets in many different ways. From simple opt-in forms that ask for their email address, to freebies like eBooks or software downloads.


And that is it! Now you know how to create one and use it to get more customers. The secret is understanding how people can be attracted to something they want, even if they don’t realize they want it yet. You can attract your ideal customer by giving them something valuable first and then asking for something in return when they are ready for it later on down the line. So now that we’ve covered all these different types of lead magnets, there is only one question left unanswered: which type will work best for me? Good question – let’s take a look,  contact us to go over your lead magnets.