Brand Like A Pro

How To Brand Like A Pro And Gain More Followers

You want to be a successful brand. You’re not alone! We all want to grow our influence and make a name for ourselves. I’m here to explain how you can do it. In this post, I’ll walk through the steps of branding yourself like a pro and gaining more followers. Let’s get started!

Choose a niche.

The first step to creating a brand is choosing a niche. Think about what you want to do with your blog. And then find a related topic that will make it easier for you to get noticed. If you’re interested in fashion, for example, try the “Fashionable Friday” series, where you post photos of outfits from around town and offer tips on how to dress like them. Or, if your passion is fitness, write articles about healthy eating plans or workouts that aren’t too hard on the body but still give results!

You can also look at other popular blogs in your niche for inspiration; see which topics they regularly cover and what style they use when writing their posts so that yours will stand out against them (keep reading below).

Be Authentic

Brand Like A Pro - Be Authentic.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating be yourself. If you are a funny person, make your brand funny. If you are an edgy person, make your brand edgy. Don’t force a specific image on yourself or your followers just because that’s what you think they want to see—even if it means a few people will unfollow you as a result. Instead, let your voice genuinely come through in everything that comes out of your mouth or fingertips so that your personality is loud and clear for all to hear (or read).

In short: be authentic!

Have a consistent look.

  • Use a consistent look. Your brand should be recognizable, whether your followers view it on their phones or desktop computer. You can use the same colors, fonts, and background images (or filters). Make sure that everything is in the same style of pictures and videos. You want people to recognize you as an expert in your field. If they see you in person or online, they should know instantly that it is you without reading any text or seeing any logos on the page.

Share Value.

You need to share value to be a brand and not just some random person on the internet.

In other words, you need to share your knowledge and expertise, your experience, and, most importantly, your story (yes! it’s still important).

The more people know about who you are, how you got into this world of branding, and what your values are – the more likely they’ll stick around for longer.

Create an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is your best friend if you want to build a strong brand.  An editorial calendar is a planner for your content—it’s where you’ll keep track of the topics and themes relevant to your brand and when they need to be published.

Once you’ve created a plan for how often you’ll publish new content, it’s time to make some templates!

Brand Like A Pro - Create great content.

If you want to build a brand, start by creating great content. But what does that mean?

Content relevant and valuable to your audience is vital, so don’t just post about yourself or what you’re doing; instead, think of ways to create content that your fans will find helpful or interesting. In addition to videos and blog posts, here are some other types of content you could create:

  • eBooks
  • Podcasts (audio or video)
  • Infographics or data visualizations

Use hashtags.

When using hashtags, remember to use ones that are relevant to your brand and niche. It is also essential to ensure the hashtag isn’t too popular—you don’t want to get lost in the crowd! Also, consider adding a few specific hashtags to your niche so it shows up precisely when people search for those terms.

For example, if you’re trying to grow an Instagram account for an online clothing retailer specializing in vintage-style women’s clothing (and maybe even throwback accessories), hashtags like #retrogirlsrule or #vintagewomensfashion would be great options!

Don't follow for following.

This is something that many people do not realize. If you want to grow your following and engagement, don’t follow people so they can follow back. It is a waste of time and effort!

Your best bet is to follow those interested in the same niche as you or have an audience that aligns with yours. These will be more likely to engage with content, thus increasing your chances of getting followed back. If someone doesn’t want to follow back, they can unfollow them later on down the line when their interests change or find new followers who fit what you’re about.

Branding Through Social Media

Stay active on social media.

Now that you’ve got a solid foundation for your brand and have picked out your name, it’s time to get active on social media.

This is where the real magic happens. This is where you can build a community of loyal followers who will spread the word about your brand and drive traffic back to your website or landing page.

But how do you do this? Well, here are some tips:

  • Stay active in the comments section of your industry or niche market posts. You can even engage with other people’s posts if they mention something that interests you, but don’t go too far overboard—others will notice if you’re constantly commenting on everything they say! Make sure that what they’re saying relates back somehow; otherwise, it’ll look like spamming and turn people off from following along with what you’re doing (which defeats the purpose).
  • Take part in relevant hashtags by tagging them on photos/videos posted within said hashtag groups; this increases visibility & potential traction if other users retweet those same tags; take note of their content being shared across multiple channels…but remember, not all hashtags are created equal! Make sure that yours has enough activity before posting links, not wasting time waiting for replies from people who may never see them anyway.”


We hope this article has helped you understand the basics of branding yourself on social media. If you take the time to do these steps and make them a part of your daily routine, it will be easy for others to recognize who you are as an influencer and want to follow your page.

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