Viral Marketing

The Holy Grail of Business Growth

Viral marketing is the Holy Grail of business growth. The best brands in the world have used viral marketing to grow their customer base, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. How can you use it to help your business?

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a strategy that uses existing social networks to market products or services. Unlike traditional marketing where the campaign aims to simply create awareness, viral marketing generates a high volume of consumer traffic.

The main goal of viral marketing is to get people talking about your product and brand. Once people talk about your product or service, it will naturally spread through their personal networks and create exponential exposure for your business.

The Types

Viral marketing campaigns can be used on any type of content including videos, images, and articles. However, the most effective method has been found by using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Those platforms allow you to spread content quickly, while also giving you access to millions of potential customers. All at no cost whatsoever!

Viral marketing for your Business

Four Viral Marketing Models

What Are the Benefits of Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing greatly increases sales, brand awareness, website traffic, and customer loyalty. It also increases customer lifetime value. You see, viral marketing takes the time. You spend time creating your products and services.  This turns it into a machine that keeps churning out more customers for you. It is like having an army of salespeople working for free!

Of course, some risks are involved with any method of growing your business. And one of those risks is that some people will be turned off by your approach.  Maybe, they don’t agree with what you’re doing or how you’re doing it. Even if it is working well for everyone else (kinda like how some people don’t like seeing ads on Facebook). But if done right, viral campaigns can drive insane amounts of traffic. And at the same time let customers know about new products before anyone else does. Sometimes even before they’re available on store shelves!

The Model of Viral Marketing


The benefits of viral marketing are clear. It’s a cost-effective way to build your brand and drive traffic, it can help you to create a community of loyal customers, and it can help you to build a brand reputation.

So what’s the best way to achieve this? The key is creating content that people want to share, which also fits in with your business goals.


Although viral marketing may seem like the Holy Grail of business growth, it is not a silver bullet. The best way to make your marketing campaign viral is by having a marketing strategy that fits into one of these four models. This will allow you to better understand how your product or service spreads and makes it easier for customers to share their experience with others.